Starting a photography journey should be an exciting adventure, not a confusing puzzle. To help you navigate through all the details and make your experience with us seamless, we have created a list of frequently asked questions. From booking your session to receiving your cherished photos, this guide will be your go-to resource. Let’s work together to capture the magic of your special moments!

What types of photography sessions do you offer?

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We specialize in maternity, newborn, family, cake-smash and outdoor photography sessions, capturing the unique moments and stories that matter most to you.

How can I book a photo session with one of your photographers?

Booking is simple! Navigate to our “Book Your Session” section, select the type of session you desire, choose a photographer in your city, and follow the easy booking process.

Are there different packages available for photo sessions?

Absolutely! Each of our talented photographers brings their unique style and expertise, and various packages are tailored to suit different preferences and needs. While specific offerings may vary, what remains constant is the commitment to delivering the most amazing and unforgettable photos for your session. Explore the profiles of our photographers to discover the packages they offer and find the one that resonates with your vision and desires.ย 

Can I request a specific style or theme for my photo session?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share your ideas and preferences with your chosen photographer. They will work with you to ensure your session reflects your unique style and vision.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs associated with the photo session?

We believe in transparency. All costs, including session fees and any additional products, will be clearly communicated to you before you confirm your booking.

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What should I wear for my photo session?

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Your peace of mind is our priority! Upon booking your photo session, you’ll receive a comprehensive prep guide crafted with care. This guide includes detailed information on what to wear, offering helpful tips and suggestions to ensure you look and feel your best during the session. We understand the importance of every detail, and our workflows are designed with you in mind. Trust that you’re in good hands, and your photographer will guide you through the entire process, making sure your session is not just a photo shoot but a delightful experience capturing your unique story.

What happens if I need to cancel my session?

Life can throw unexpected curveballs, and we completely understand. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel your session, please know that we approach this with empathy. While session fees are non-refundable, we recognize that circumstances vary. Reach out to your photographer, share your situation, and we’ll do our utmost to find a solution that works for you. Whether it’s rescheduling for a more convenient time or exploring alternative options, we’re here to navigate these challenges together. Your satisfaction and understanding matter to us, and we’re committed to making the process as accommodating as possible.

Do you offer gift certificates for photo sessions?

Absolutely! We understand that the joy of gifting spans borders. If you have friends or family in another country and wish to share the gift of a photo session with them, we’ve got you covered. We offer gift certificates that can be purchased for any of our photographers, regardless of their location. It’s a heartfelt way to celebrate special moments with your loved ones, no matter where they are. Reach out to us, and we’ll assist you in creating a meaningful and memorable gift that transcends distances because capturing cherished memories knows no boundaries!

What sets the Book Your Photo program apart from others, and why should I choose it for my photography needs?

Choosing isn’t just about photography; it’s about embarking on a journey of capturing moments that resonate for a lifetime. Our program celebrates diversity, creativity, and the joy of storytelling through the lens. With a team of skilled photographers trained by the renowned Serap & Volkan Seker, you’re not just hiring a photographer but inviting an artist to co-create magic with you.

We stand by the belief that every moment, whether big or small, deserves to be captured in its most authentic and beautiful form. Each photographer brings a unique touch from maternity to newborn and family sessions, ensuring your memories are as diverse and special as you are.

At, it’s not just a service; it’s an experience. From the moment you explore our website to the final delivery of your photos, we’re committed to making every step seamless, joyful, and filled with anticipation.

We’re here to turn your moments into timeless memories, and we can’t wait to be a part of your photography journey!